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Factoring releases the funds locked up in sales invoices. A client can typically raise up to 100% of the value of its unpaid invoices within 48 hours with the use of factoring. The balance is available, less a small administration charge, when your customer pays.

A dedicated factoring sales ledger and credit management service is also provided with the factoring service. Working to your instructions the Factor collects invoices, payments, issues statements etc but ensures good customer relationships are maintained.

Benefits of factoring - your business gains access to an on-going source of funds that is linked directly to sales and so a smooth cashflow is assured. Factoring can improve profitability as the business can pay suppliers earlier, buy in larger quantities and also take advantage of discounts that are available. Factoring frequently asked questions

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CFREE invoice discounting, factoring or asset based lending advisory Enter your current sales ledger value and your overdraft limit to calculate the potential cashflow benefit of factoring. Unleash your businesses potential!

Full Service factoring provides a complete out sourced credit management solution. Businesses using a factoring facility save costs on staff, postage, stationery, telephone calls and, most importantly, valuable management time can be used more productively.

What is you credit management currently costing you? Use our interactive credit management cost calculator to find out more.

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