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Single debtor or invoice

factoring or invoice discounting single invoices and debtors

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Businesses can sometimes require factoring or invoice discounting from a factoring or invoice discounting company against a single customer (debtor) or a single invoice (this is sometimes know as single debtor or single invoice factoring or invoice discounting). 

This may be due to a prime debtor concentration or trade into a single customer or seasonal trading peaks or you may just want finance against one customer without giving the factoring of invoice discounting company your whole sales ledger.  

the flexibility of single debtor or invoice discounting is becoming extremely popular and factoring companies offering these services are very specialist.

We can introduce you to factoring or invoice discounters who can accommodate single invoices or debtor facilities.

Flexibility of single debtor invoice discounting?

Clients don't even have to be aware

CFREE invoice discounting, factoring or asset based lending advisory Want to discount single invoices or debtors confidential? Single debtor or invoice factoring or invoice discounting can be completely confidential so your client is unaware that the service is being utilised.

Discounting confidentially invoices can ease cashflow in time of high demand but can be shelved when not required.

Single invoice funding means that security does not need to be offered to get finance, the factoring company will take the invoice as security.

Single invoice funding has often has no lock in contracts, no break fees and can be used when required.