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Invoice discounting

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This service is usually completely confidential, nobody except you and your invoice discounting company is aware of the facility. Confidential cash flow improvement! Confidential invoice discounting is the most popular product in the range of invoice finance products. A finance-only service that is designed for businesses with a typical turnover of at least £150,000 per annum who wish to run their own sales ledger and credit management.

Invoice discounting turns unpaid sales invoices into an immediate source of working capital confidentially, neither customers or suppliers will be aware of the financial arrangement.

Benefits - invoice discounting provides a flexible source of cash flow finance that automatically expands with sales growth. Invoice discounting company allows the business to retain full control of its sales ledger and customer contact. The charges are lower than those for a factoring service.

How much working capital could be released?

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CFREE invoice discounting, factoring or asset based lending advisory Enter your current sales ledger value and your overdraft limit to calculate the potential cashflow benefit of invoice discounting. Unleash your businesses potential!

Choosing the wrong facility or wrong factor could lead to unduly restricted funding or inappropriate service for your needs. We can make you fully aware of all the options with our use of "whole of market".

There's no qualm about it, finding the best factoring or invoice discounting service can be tough!

Searching for free invoice discounting quotes, great independent advice and fast decisions on invoice discounting Service can be overwhelming. We can take the pain and find you the most relevant invoice discounting service hassle FREE.

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