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Factoring sector
 Determine the most appropriate factoring companies
 Specialist factoring companies
 Select factoring cash flow requirement
Step 2 - Stock finance

Value your stock for factoring purposes
Factoring finance raw materials
Work in progress cash flow factoring finance
Finished goods available to going ton factoring sales.
Description of finished goods for available to factoring
Step 2 - Asset finance

 Finance asset factoring
 Value of factoring, asset finance asset
 Outstanding factoring balance
 Repayment term of factoring and asset finance
Step 2 - Commercial mortgage

 Property value
 Property outstanding value to support factoring
Repayment term
Property description

Step 1 - About your sales

Percentage factoring sales exported
Factoring business
Exclude factoring sales to general public
Factoring terms to companies
Step 2 - About your sales ledger

 Outstanding factoring sales leger value
 Factoring companies live balance
 Number of factoring invoices issued per month
 Factoring debt over 120 days old
 Factoring concentration
Step 3 - About your current finance

 Factoring companies

 Who do you bank with
 Factoring insurance
 Require factoring companies
About you

 factoring contact time
Factoring number of quotes
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