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Factoring calculator

factoring calculator, calculate how much could be released from your sales ledger

Factoring releases the funds locked up in sales invoices. Use our FREE factoring calculator to calculate how beneficial factoring would be to your company.

The factoring calculator starts with the assumption that a factoring client can typically raise up to 100% of the value of its unpaid invoices within 48 hours with the use of factoring.

Enter your current sales ledger value into the factoring calculator and then your overdraft limit (or the amount of borrowings you would possibility reduce) into the factoring calculator to calculate the potential cashflow benefit of factoring.

See how your businesses working capital potential can be unleashed using our free factoring calculator!

Your overdraft debtors outstanding Factor advance % Extra capital
Press to increase your advance rate by 5 %
Press to decrease your advance rate by 5 %

Use the factoring calculator arrows to model the effect of a lower advance rate.