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Why us a intermediary

popular and straight forward brokers

Online factoring, asset based and invoice discounting finance form

Why should anybody use an intermediary, advisor or broker when you can walk into any number of lenders on the high street?

We have a wider range of lenders, which extends well beyond high street banks and includes merchant banks, building societies, development funds, private lending consortiums, and joint venture partners.

We can often negotiate special rates with lenders that are not available anywhere else.

We can source finance from the whole of the market. This means that factoringcompare.com can source finance from specialist lenders tailored to your individual needs. High Street lenders will only ever recommend a finance from their own limited range.

We are experienced in presenting, brokering and packaging an application on behalf of our client, in a format that will improve the chances of securing the required funds.

Why should anybody use an intermediary

most aggressively priced factoring & invoice discounting

FREE invoice discounting, factoring or asset based lending advisory and broker service We offer an extensive of factoring, invoice discounting flexible, affordable solutions, that are tailored to your requirements.

Once we have all the information we need (and subject to terms and conditions) the factoring or invoice discounting could be with you inside 48 hours.